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UV-BIKESU UV150 UV-integrator

UV-BIKESU UV150 UV-integrator UV-BIKESU UV150 UV-integrator UV-BIKESU UV150 UV-integrator UV-BIKESU UV150 UV-integrator
Product name : UV-BIKESU UV150 UV-integrator
Item :
Details :
UV-BKS150 UV energy meter (also known as the UV energy analyzer, UV energy meter, UV energy analyzer, ultraviolet energy meter, UV energy meter, UV energy tester, the UV joulemeter), the sensor and the host one.
Bikesu Technology co., Ltd. (UV-BIKESU) is a professional UV testing equipment manufacturers, with ten years of technology history of design and manufacture of domestic UV energy source, more than 10 more than 30 types of UV ultraviolet test equipment of global marketing, is one of the Asia-Pacific region's largest UV tester manufacturers

One, the product description:
UV energy meter UV-bks150 type energy of a high-quality UV measuring instrument. The main parts of this instrument imported from Germany, production, and the back of the main sensor of the measuring instrument measuring instrument measuring range of 250 to 410 nm, directly after the measurement is completed in the front of the instrument display (unit: mJ / square cm ), the power of the energy meter for 3.6V lithium battery, the battery due to the use of a special line of energy saving the battery for about 10,000 hours.
Second, the product parameters:
Test range :0-5000mw / cm2
Display six character numeric LCD :0-999999mj / cm2
Diameter: 90mm Height: 12mm
Spectral measurement range :250-410 nm
Heating the maximum temperature: 70 ℃
Switch: ON / OFF file
Weight: about 150 g
Power: 3.6V lithium battery

Third, the method of operation:
     Open the ON switch, the LCD (display) is displayed as zero.
     UV energy meter placed under the UV lamp light source, as far as possible to its back at the light source (energy receptors in the back).
     on the display until the energy meter measurements, such as 1000 mJ / square cm. (1000mj/cm2)
     turn off the energy meter switch (OFF), or the display value to zero.
◆ Note: to ensure that the plant temperature at 70 ℃ within this UV energy meter can withstand higher temperatures, more than 10 seconds on the conveyor, temperature 110 ° C.
 Do not look directly at or look directly through the refraction / reflection UV lamp to ensure that any parts of the body are not subject to direct UV light.
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