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UV-DESIGN UV-int250 UV-intergrator

UV-DESIGN UV-int250 UV-intergrator
Product name : UV-DESIGN UV-int250 UV-intergrator
Item : UV-int250
Details :
The new German UV-INT250 UV-DESIGN UV energy meter
UV-int 250 type energy meter in addition to have the basic functions of the traditional disc UV energy of its accuracy, and greater stability.
 All UV-int 250 UV energy meter of its machine body laser lettering, aluminum alloy case, anodized surface, can be permanently guaranteed wear, the user is more convenient to carry; overall appearance of the instrument's size is very small for the detected object words, the lower size requirements more flexible detection, such as: large-scale UV production line, multi-faceted three-dimensional distribution of the UV light source system, precision, compact low-power light sources are applicable;

Technical data:
Spectral range: UV 250-410nm (nm), UVA + UVB rays
Light intensity range: 0-5000mW/cm2
Range: 0-999,999 mJ/cm2 and (mJ / square cm)
Using the power: 3.6V lithium battery
Battery life: about 10,000 hours (Lithiwn lithium battery)
Dimensions: 93L * 63W * 13Hmm (mm)
Weight: 150g (grams)
Ambient temperature: 0 to 70 ° C (degrees Celsius)
Withstand temperature: 110 ° C (degrees Celsius) under the conditions of continuous irradiation does not exceed 10s (seconds)
Measurement accuracy: ± 3%
The calibration cycle: To accurately to ensure measurement accuracy and effectiveness of the proposed calibration period of one year.
Warranty period: from date of purchase within one year warranty, except of man-made damage or damage caused by objective factors.
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