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UV-DESIGN UV-int150+ UV-integrator

UV-DESIGN UV-int150+  UV-integrator
Product name : UV-DESIGN UV-int150+ UV-integrator
Item :
Details :
UV energy meter (UV-int150 +):
UV-int150 + high temperature UV energy meter is a high-quality UV energy meter.
UV energy meter is an instrument for measuring the UV curing device of UV energy, the back of the main sensor of the measuring instrument measuring instrument measuring range of 250 to 410 nm, measurement can be directly displayed a positive display in the energy meter read (unit: mJ / square cm), the power of the energy of 3.6 volts special high temperature of 125 degrees the battery, the battery due to the use of a special energy saving circuit, the battery lasts about 5000 hours.
Applicable to production: cell phone case, PCB, UV board, flooring, plastic buttons ...
Technology and materials: UV coating, UV coating, UV printing, UV glue, UV coatings and inks ...
Technical Data
Test range :0-5000mw / cm2
Displays the value 0-999999mj / cm2 (high temperature monitor conservation treatment)
Dimensions Diameter: 90mm high: 12mm
Spectral range :250-410nm Center: 365nm
The maximum temperature: 85 degrees over 20 seconds at 125 degrees on the conveyor belt
Weight: about 150 grams of aluminum sleeve shell
Power Supply: 3.6V battery (high temperature of 125 degrees and special battery)
Power: 100pa, it make about 5,000 hours

High-temperature UV-Int150 + UV energy meter
 Note: can not look straight or non-direct vision through the refraction / reflection UV light, to ensure that any parts of the body from UV light direct.
The UV energy meter can withstand higher temperatures, more than 20 seconds on the conveyor, temperature 125 ° C.

Installation / operation
1 Turn OFF / ON switch, open the LCD (display) display zero.
2, the UV energy meter placed near UV lamp light source, record, and after that as far as possible its the back of the alignment light source (due to the energy meter energy receptors in the back), the exposure time for an appropriate extension of.
3, until the display of energy meter measurements, for example, 800 mJ / square cm. (800mj/cm2)
4, turn off the energy meter switch (OFF), or display no value.
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