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Window Tint Meters by Pocket Detective

Window Tint Meters by Pocket Detective Window Tint Meters by Pocket Detective
Product name : Window Tint Meters by Pocket Detective
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For All Windows – Fixed and Roll Down

The Monroe Window Tint and Reflectivity Meter is the most comprehensive window tint meter on the market. It’s one piece compact, durable design is easy to operate and has an industry leading two-year warranty. Measures both tint and reflectivity.

Approved for all State Inspection Programs

The Pocket Detective combination meter has been chosen as the exclusive meter for many state inspection programs. Many competing gauges have been excluded from these programs because of their inability to pass extensive long term testing such as repeatability and tolerance testing. Avoid State Inspector violations and costly customer disputes by purchasing the number one gauge on the market today.

Pocket Detective - Window Tint Meter - Overview

The Pocket Detective Window Tint Meter offers the most accuracy and durability of any unit on the market today. This meter offers solutions for both Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) and Visible Light Reflectance (VLR) readings. VLT refers to the percentage of light transmitted through glass and VLR is the amount of light reflected. Measuring reflectance is important for today's enforcement officers and inspection facilities to ensure proper visibility for the driver and the safety of law enforcement officials. Features


  • Patented Magna-Alignment Auto Alignment system
  • Two meters in one package measures VLT and VLR
  • Measures all windows of the vehicle (roll down and fixed glass) 1600 mAh internal battery
  • Auto shut off
  • Field re-calibration
  • Push button operation
  • LCD digital readout
  • Panel-light function indicators
  • Easy to operate

Other Industrial Applications:

The Pocket Detective window tint meter is also used to measure optical measurements of various materials. The meter can be used to measure opacity or clarity of glass and plastic materials. Furthermore, the meter will measure reflective values on glass and plastic including metallic and organic coatings.

Size: 4.0" x 3.0" x 3.0"
Weight: 8 oz. with battery
Measured Band Pass Range: 520nm - 630nm
Stray: <1%
Power: J Type
Battery Life: Minimum 1000
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