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KUHNAST UV-integrator150

KUHNAST UV-integrator150
Product name : KUHNAST UV-integrator150
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KUHNAST in January 1984 by Hans Ulrich in Germany in the set up is one of the Germany of UV-related development and manufacturer of instruments and equipment.
In the establishment of the first year to generate sales of lights and equipment in large part for their own use, as the business development of the company soon expanded to include a measuring device.
With the widely accepted recognition of the successful promotion of the industry in technological innovation and market, decided to set up the other departments of the UV measurements. Production and innovation of the UV detection apparatus,
Now one of the leading manufacturer of UV measuring equipment in various fields.

KUHNAST UV integrator
Model: UV-INTERGRATOR 150 (Round)
Size: 90 mm ​​diameter, 12 mm high
Weight: 150g
Applicable equipment: UV UV dryers, exposure machines and other equipment
Energy Display: LCD 0-999999mj
Measuring range :0-5000mW / cm2
Power supply: lithium battery 3.6V, model the SL-340INORGANIC
Measuring range :250-410nm (spectral wavelength).
Power consumption: about 10,000 hours (Lithiwn lithium battery)
Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 ℃ (the temperature of the plant in less than 70 ℃, 110 ℃ on a conveyor belt temperature not more than 10 seconds)
Origin: Germany
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