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UV-DESIGN UV-int150 UV-integrator

UV-DESIGN UV-int150 UV-integrator UV-DESIGN UV-int150 UV-integrator UV-DESIGN UV-int150 UV-integrator UV-DESIGN UV-int150 UV-integrator
Product name : UV-DESIGN UV-int150 UV-integrator
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Details :
UV-Int150 standard UV energy meter (also known as the instrument of UV energy, UV energy meter, ultraviolet energy analyzer, ultraviolet energy meter, UV energy meter, UV energy tester, the UV joulemeter), the sensor and the host one, UV-Mess-und Systemtechnik (UV-DESIGN) has a history of more than 20 years of professional UV test equipment manufacturers, design and manufacture of the source of the German system of UV energy meter, more than 30 models over 150 models of UV ultraviolet test instruments sold worldwide, is the manufacturer of one of the world's largest UV tester

Model: UVINT150 UV tester
Size: diameter 90mm high 12mm
Weight: about 150g
Applicable equipment: UV UV drying machine, exposure machine
Measuring range :0-5000mW / cm2
Energy Display: LCD 0-999,999 mjcm2
Battery: Lithium battery 3.6V
UV measurement range :250-410nm (spectral wavelength).
Power consumption: about 10,000 hours (Lithiwn lithium battery)
(Degrees) of the operating temperature: 0-70 degrees
This product is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase!

3. Installation / operation
a. Open the ON switch, the LCD (display) is displayed as zero.
b. Energy meter placed near the UV lamp light source, as far as possible its the back of the alignment light source (due to the energy of the energy of receptors on the back), exposure time is appropriate to extend.
c. Until the display of energy meter measurements show that, for example, 1,000 mJ / square cm. (1000mj/cm2)
d. Turn off energy meter switch (OFF), or the value of the display is set to zero.
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