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ILT490 Profiling Belt Radiometer

ILT490 Profiling Belt Radiometer
Product name : ILT490 Profiling Belt Radiometer
Item :
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Details :
INTERNATIONAL LIGHT IWC optical photometer
Model: ILT490 (E)
Name: ILT490 Profiling Belt Radiometer
Brand: IL
Description: The NEW ILT490 incorporates the measurement capabilities and exceptional performance criteria of the original IL390 and IL290 UV Curing Light Bug, with the improved features of the ILT400, including profiling, graphing, cost reduction, rechargeable batteries and A400 charger. The ILT490 works with many lamp options from Iron doped, H and D type lamps, as well as standard UV sources.

ILT490 UV meter UV Radiometer
ILT490 combines IL390 and IL290 measurement capability and outstanding performance characteristics with ILT400 improvements, apply for drawings, cost reduction, rechargeable battery, charger and A400.
ILT490 for a variety of lamps, including iron-doped type, H-, D-and standard UV light source.
NIST traceable calibration
Measured spectrum of industry-standard
Built-in rechargeable battery (included A400 Charger)
General exposure (J/cm2), the peak irradiance (W/cm2)
Auto-scale intensity plot
Baseline Memory
Current Value - Baseline% Difference
Measurement specification:
Wavelength: 205nm-345nm
Dose range: 1 mJ - 20 J/cm2
Irradiance range: 10 mW/cm2 - 20 W/cm2
Operating temperature: 10 ° - 50 ° C
Conveyor Speed: 1-80 ft / min
Accuracy is better than 6%
Four digital display, image resolution of 5% of full scale (peak irradiance)
Size: 12.7 * 111 * 161mm
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