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The use of some of the problems of the UV-integrator

Author : boses Date : 2012-8-18 20:54:45
UV energy meter (joule meter):

A. UV energy meter are there?
A: UV is the abbreviation of English Ultraviolet Rays, UV light, ultraviolet (UV) is invisible to the naked eye, is the period of electromagnetic radiation other than visible violet light, the wavelength in the range of 10 ~ 400nm.
Usually according to their nature, thin as a few paragraphs:
a VUV (Vacuum UV) ... a wavelength of 10 - 200nm <Note: NM namely nano-

Ultraviolet (UV) used for industrial production and general use is the long-wave UV (UV-A). Also can measure the energy meter of the four band, such as: the EIT UV energy meter, but the average user to use such products too wasted, is not the measured data, the better, a single band to be superior in accuracy and stability multi-band products, the most important thing is to look at you there is no need to do so!

Two. Why not the same as the energy meter data?
A: There are several reasons:
distribution of a UV light source position is not the same as the total UV energy accumulated data the number of difference;
b, the UV energy meter measurement time is different UV values ​​are cumulative;
c, retest the gap is too short, the internal data of the sensor is not zero;
d, the spectral range of the instrument and wavelength;
e instrument factory tuned base are different;
A unit of measurement due to the UV energy is: MJ (mJ), the normal acceptable fluctuation range: + / -5%, imports of energy meter error in more than 10%, when the stability reach the factory requirements, contact with the seller.

3. The proper use of UV energy meter?
A: To pay attention to five anti: anti-high temperature (to allow a shorter time of high external temperature) dust-proof, shockproof, waterproof, antimagnetic for adjustment, please contact the manufacturer or vendor.

4. Note:
UV energy meter is a single instrument measurement data set as a standard is not used to contrast the use of other instruments, many users do not know this, and other products to do, to learn more about (2), or send checksum of professional equipment inspection and testing institutions.

Note: Early UV energy meter should be re-calibrated, especially imports, but due to lack of understanding of customers and agents to mislead, that imports of good quality, can be used for many years. In fact, more than one year's energy meter must be calibrated (functional calibration, measurement of contrast calibration). The correct data is subject to the detection of the measurement bodies.