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UV energy meter manufacturers guide

Author : boses Date : 2012-8-18 20:50:24
UV energy meter manufacturers guide
UV energy meter, also known as the the UV joulemeter, is the common equipment of modern printing and coating industry.
As the technology matures, many related to domestic and foreign manufacturers, the following are common manufacturers:

 Biko speed BIKESU: www.bikesu.com
China Run fertile RUNWING: www.rw.com.cn
Hong Kong Kim Han GOLDRICH: www.goldrich.com.hk

Germany KUHNAST: www.kuhnast.net
UV-DESIGN, Germany: www.uv -design.de
The German BELTRON: www.beltron.de
Germany HONLE: www.hoenle.com

Japan the ORC: www.orc.co.jp
Japan USHIO: www.ushio.co.jp
Japan HAMAMATSU: www.hamamatsu.com

Taiwan Ouba Si OPAS: www.opasuv.com
Taiwan side full RAPITECH: www.rapi -tech.com
Taiwan light KUANGNENG: www.kuangneng.com.tw

The United States the EIT: www.eit.com
U.S. International Light,: www.intl -lighttech.com

The alphabetical order, more manufacturers are not illustrative in the contact update this information as the original, such as forwarding please indicate the source.
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